Discover Music - Roundhouse - Celebrating 50 Years


One of the things the Roundhouse is best known for is as a music venue, hosting some of the most memorable and notorious gigs, festivals and club nights in London. Such events include Pink Floyd on opening night in 1966; Jimi Hendrix breaking onto the London scene in 1967; The Rolling Stones; a plethora of punk bands in the late 1970s including The Ramones, The Stranglers and Patti Smith; post punk bands such as Talking Heads and Kraftwerk; and the Sunday Implosion club days where many saw Elton John for the first time for 40p. Of course the Roundhouse continues to present the best names in music with their regular programming, as well as the annual Apple Music Festival, which in 2016 featured Britney Spears, Elton John, Alicia Keys, Calvin Harris, Chance the Rapper and more.