Ray Morrissey - Roundhouse - Celebrating 50 Years

Ray Morrissey

“I first started going to gigs as a 14 year old in the winter of 1973. Luckily I lived 15 mins walk from Hammersmith Odeon so saw many great shows there in the 1970s along with major gigs at The Roundhouse and The Rainbow. Through the 1980s I worked on front of stage security at Hammersmith Odeon where I got paid to watch bands… and do a little bit of work. I am still going to two or three gigs at week at age 57. The gig list total is now gone past 6500 seen by me. All are listed up on my website.”

On Ray’s website you can search by venue, so you could see the list of all the gigs he attended at The Roundhouse!