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Danny Fields

Danny Fields was born in Kings County, New York City, and raised in adjacent Queens County. He graduated the University of Pennsylvania, and at 19 entered Harvard Law School, from which he dropped out after 6 months, “still too young to stop having fun.”

Danny worked as New York City press agent for the Doors, and then as Director of Publicity for Elektra Records, to which he brought the MC5, Iggy and the Stooges, and Nico. In 1975, Fields became the first serious manager of the Ramones.

In recent years, Fields has been spending as much time as he can in Europe, especially in Berlin, Paris, and London—taking pictures and seeing friends, and always trying to spot the next big stars, maybe a few minutes before they’re noticed by the rest of the world.

All photos from My Ramones – Danny Fields, a limited edition photo book featuring over 250 images from Danny’s archive, enhanced with his personal commentary and stories is available to order from First Third Books.


Danny Fields