Credits - Roundhouse - Celebrating 50 Years

Thank you to all the contributors, participants and volunteers that have helped produce this website, whether you tweeted us about your favourite gig, submitted a photograph or shared your story in a recorded interview. We received hundreds of submissions from the public through our website, social media channels and told to staff as you visited us in person. Together with a team of dedicated volunteers, we have been unearthing stories, discovering photographs and hearing your memories. Without your memories, the Roundhouse wouldn’t be what it is today.


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Every effort has been made to be accurate in the making of the website. There’s something about the nature of the subject that means that people’s recollections can be somewhat hazy. Where possible, these hazy memories have been corroborated with facts, but on occasion this has proved surprisingly difficult to do so. So if you were there, and you remember things slightly differently, please try to be understanding. Or, you can just get in touch and share your own memory. The personal stories and recollections on the site are the views of the contributors themselves, and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Roundhouse.