Marcus Davey: The future of the Roundhouse - Roundhouse - Celebrating 50 Years


2006 – 2016

Our Chief Executive and Artistic Director Marcus Davey, reflects on how vital it is for young people to be given the opportunity to thrive creatively, and how the Roundhouse does – and always will – provide the space and support they need to so.

Credit: Ellie Pinney, under the Creative Commons licence CC BY-NC-SA 4.0


Transformation is what the Roundhouse is – and always has been – about. Fifty years ago the Roundhouse was transformed into a revolutionary arts venue where many of today’s most famous artists started their careers, and it played host to some of the most experimental theatre and incredible gigs the UK had ever seen.

And what’s the Roundhouse now? For many it’s still the place to see their favourite band or watch some of the best international circus. And to others it’s a hub where hope and aspiration can flourish. The Roundhouse is a dream maker, where young people get the chance to fulfil their dreams and build a better future.

We also go beyond London and link arms with like-minded organisations around the world to involve thousands more young people. Together we grow stronger, stronger to persuade the powers that be that investing in young people will lead to a happier, more fulfilled, integrated and educated society.

There are so many young people who need a creative outlet, that need space to create and time to develop. We provide a place for all young people but especially those that are excluded, marginalised and ignored by society. A society that, at times, seems to champion academic achievement over curiosity, imagination and creativity. Which is why we will expand our work over the coming years and shall continue to champion creativity. We will do everything we can to enable the next generation to be as broad minded, open, creative and inclusive as possible.

As Einstein said: “Logic will get you from A to B. But imagination will take you everywhere”.