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This special anniversary microsite is the result of months of collaborative work, countless volunteer hours, hundreds of contributions from the public and random, long-buried stories which have emerged from the past. Everyone who has contributed to this incredible history has done this because of their love of the Roundhouse, the unique hub of creativity in the north of London. We thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.

Have you read something you’ve loved on this site? Been inspired by these stories from the past? Keen to get involved in transforming more young lives in the future? Desperate to share your own story? Well here’s some good news – you can!

Here’s the story of how this epic website was created. Check out what’s going on at the Roundhouse right now. Discover more about our work with young people. Aged 25 or under? Get involved! Transform lives by supporting our work. Share your stories on social media. Or simply go back to the homepage and read more amazing stories.

The Roundhouse in 2016

What's on

The Roundhouse is one of the most incredible live performance spaces in the world where the biggest names in music, theatre, circus and spoken word take to the stage every day.

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Young creatives

Aged 11-25? If you’re cutting your teeth as an artist or you’re wondering how to get started, there are loads of opportunities to shape your skills in the Paul Hamlyn Roundhouse Studios.

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Until the Lions, January 2016.

Support our mission

Whatever the spark, we nurture it into a flame that can change everything. Find out how you can help us transform lives through creativity.

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Exterior of Roundhouse

In production since 1847

Over 900 people and 50 newly-trained volunteers have contributed to telling our history in this microsite project. Find out more.